Basic Maths Grand Test- Q14

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Consider the following statement
S1 : The probability that a person visiting a zoo will see the giraffe is 0.72, the probability that he will see the bears is 0.84 and the probability that he will see both is 0.52
S2 :The probability that a student will pass his examination is 0.73, the probability of the student getting a compartment is 0.13, and the probability that the student will either pass or get compartment is 0.96.

A. Only S1 is Correct

B. Only S2 is Correct

C. Both S1 and S2 are Correct

D. Both S1 and S2 are Incorrect.

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1 Answer

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S1:P(G)=0.72, P(B)=0.84,

\because Seeing\ Girafee\ and\ Bears\ are\ Independent\ events,

P(G\cap B)=P(G)*P(B)=0.72*0.84=0.6

But\ given\ that\ P(G\cap B)=0.52

\therefore \ S1\ is\ Incorrect

S2: P(Pass)=0.73, P(C)=0.13, P(Pass\cup C)=0.96

P(Pass\cup C)=P(Pass)+P(C)-P(Pass\cap C)=0.73+0.13-P(Pass\cap C)

P(Pass\cup C)=0.86-P(Pass\cap C)

P(Pass\cap C)=0.86-P(Pass\cup C)

P(Pass\cap C)=0.86-0.96=-0.1\ which\ is\ invalid

\therefore S2\ is\ Incorrect

So Option D is correct.

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Why Seeing Girafee and Bears is taken as independent events?
These events can occur at same time.