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Given two binary numbers M of 5 bits and N of 4 bits, an array mul-

tiplier takes these two numbers and multiplies M to N where M is the

multiplicand and N is the multiplier. If number of AND gates required is

P and number of one-bit adders required is R then twice of the value of

expression |P^2 - R^2|  is:

(A) 138

(B) 276

(C) 350

(D) 175

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Ans: C

Number of AND gate required   5*4=20

And number of 1 bit adder required  5*(4-1) =15

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please explain how you got 15 1-bit adders
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Number of AND gate required   P= 5*4=20

And number of 1 bit adder required  R= 5*(4-1) =15

So 2(P^2-R^2)=350

Hence C will be the correct answer.
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So, u have to double the value.
Oh  u re correct... Ans is option C.  My mistake
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can anyone explain how is the number of adders is 15?
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Answer : Option C)->350



Consider a 2 bit multiplier :



Similarly Here....

Number of AND gate required   5*4=20

And number of 1 bit adder required  5*(4-1) =15
Hence P=20, R=15.


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sir we don't have to consider the FA In the first Row?
Because some figures depict FA in first row and some depict HA in the first row
So we are solving this question based on considering HA in the first row of array multiplier.
Which one to consider in the examination?