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A certain J-K FF has a propagation delay of 12ns. The largest MOD of the counter such that, the counter can be designed from these FFs which will operate up to 10 MHz?

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\\ Time \ period \ of\ clock\ pulse=1/10MHz=10^{-7}sec\\ \\Propagation\ delay\ of \ each\ flip\ flop=12*10^{-9} sec\\ \\No. \ of\ FF\leq t_{clk}/t_{pd}=10^{-7}/12*10^{-9}=8.33=8\\ \\MOD\leqslant 2^{N}=2^{8}=256

Answer : 256

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256 is correct one
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Answer will vary depending on the type of counter. (Ripple, Ring and Johnson)
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Can you please provide a method/ formula as well as the answer to respective counters?
@tsjeganbalajibs Yes you are right, but in question, they ask, largest mode, so we can take ripple counter.