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<p>Assuming usual gate design implementation of a Full Adder module, the propagation delay of an XOR gate is three times as that of an AND/OR gate. A 4-bit binary adder is to be made by using 4 such modules. The minimum propagation time of the entire 4-bit adder if the individual delay of an AND/OR gate being 2.4 microseconds is assuming no delay between modules?</p>
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Not sure I think 35 m sec
answered Jun 20 by tsnikhilsharmagate2018 (30,120 points)
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Answer will be 24 microseconds.

answered Jun 20 by tsjeganbalajibs (390 points)
What is the right answer of this question 24 or 26.4? If it  is 26.4 plz explain me how this answer come.
It is clearly mentioned in the question that all modules uses full adders, so 28.8micro seconds must be the answer.
Yes, it should be 28.8 if FA modules, or 24 if one HA, but 26.4 is not possible as minimum.
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can anyone explain how are we getting 26.4?
answered Jun 21 by tsabhineetsingh192 (4,250 points)