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A 4 bit Synchronous counter and 2-bit ripple counter are made using Master Slave Flip flops having a propagation delay of 10 ns. If the worst case delay in ripple and synchronous counter are A and B respectively then:

A. A = 20 ns and B = 10 ns
B. A = 20 ns and B = 40 ns
C. A = 40 ns and B = 20 ns
D. A = 10 ns and B = 20 ns

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Answer : option A)

Solution :

For Synchronous : total delay= propogation delay of one=10 ns

For ripple : delay= n* propogation delay of each= n* 10=20 ns

Hence A=20 B=10
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a is  correct one
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Yes a is correct one because in starting sequence is synchronous and ripple.
But in end of question ripple and synchronous counter .A is ripple so 20 ns and B is synonymous so 10 ns