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The expression for C_0 is ?

(A).x_1y_0 + x_0y_1+x_0y_0

(B).x_1x_0 + y_1y_0

(C).x_1y_1 + x_0y_0 + y_0y_1


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Answer : Option A)



Since carry need to be generated for when sum > 2 (ternary).

Condition for Carry to be set: Inputs =2+1 or 1+2 or 2+2 or 1+1(+1 by Carry in) BUT not required as it is given 0.

i.e in binary : (x1,x0:y1,y0)= (1,0:0,1) or (0,1:1,0) or (1,0:1,0)  

Hence on Solving by K-map:


Hence ,answer A.
answered Jun 21 by gbmentor (83,420 points)
supoose Cin is 0 and both X & Y is (2) i.e (10) so output should be 11 as S = 1 and  Cout=1 but answer doesn't satisfied by Option A
Sir how you solve using k-map can you please explain?
It's x1y0+x0y1+x1y1 from k_map, so answer is d.
Can you show the k-map how you got?
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A is correct one
answered Jun 20 by tsnikhilsharmagate2018 (30,120 points)
Please explain the answer.
Here , x1=1 x0=0 and y1=1 y0=0 right ?@gbmentor
In that case it should be option C ?
check solution above