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How many NAND gates do you need to build a NOR gate?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5
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\overline{A + B} = \overline{A} . \overline{B} = A'B' =((A'B')')'

(A . A)' = A'

Now, we can get A' by using 1 NAND gate.

Similarly, we can get B' by using 1 NAND gate.

Now, we have to perform 1 NAND operation for which we need 1 NAND gate. We get (A'B')' as the output.

Now, we have to take complement of this output for which we need 1  NAND gate. Now, the output is ((A'B')')'.

((A'B')')' = (A+B)'

So, totally, we need 4 NAND gates in order to build a NOR gate.

Ans.: 4

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4 NAND gates are required. Check the below link for further information.

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so 4 NAND gate required. C is the correct answer.

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c is correct one.

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