CO-Test 2-Question 12

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Consider a 32-bit system with an instruction of size of four words. The first half 
of the instruction contains the OPCODE and second half contains an address-field. 
The instruction is stored in memory with base-address B. The address-field contains 
a value A. The operand is stored at memory location P. The addressing mode employed 
is Relative-addressing mode.
What is the relation between P and B? 
(A) P=(B+1)+M[A] 
(B) P=(B+2)+M[A] 
(C) P=(B+3)+M[A] 
(D) P=(B+4)+M[A]
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A 32- bit architecture instructuction of size of four words = 4*32 =2^7= 128 bit

First half of the instruction OPCODE = 64 bit

Second half of the instruction address fireld = 64 bit.

Instruction is stored in memory with base address B

Address field contains a value A, Operand is stored at location P.

Address Mode : PC + X

P = (B + 4*32) + M[A].
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